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Customer feedback:

Name:  David J.

Date:   12/16/2014

Subject: Car Shipping Companies eased my stress and provided great service!

Comments: When I first contacted Car Shipping Companies to have my car moved from Austin, Texas to Miami, Florida, I was pretty nervous. I had never dealt with a car shipper before and I was really worried that something would happen to my car while it was away from me. I was also worried that it was going to be too expensive.  The agent that handled my car was extremely professional from the very first second of the phone call. He got some information from me about the car and where it was going and within what seemed like seconds, he gave me a great price that was far below what I was expecting and he had the car scheduled to be picked up. The car was picked up on time and delivered on time as well. The entire time it was on the road, the agent kept me up to date on where it was. The driver also stayed in touch while he was delivering the car. I’ll be moving back to Texas when my internship is over and I am definitely going to call Car Shipping Companies to handle the relocation of my car when I move again. Thanks for the outstanding service!


Name: Stephanie Myers

Date:   03/19/2015

Subject: Unbelievably fast and affordable

Comments: I needed to have an Audi that I bought online shipped from Minnesota to Missouri and called quite a few other companies before I found Car Shipping Companies. Not one of the others could offer me the expedited service that I needed. When I called Car Shipping Services they arranged to have the car picked up just a couple days after the phone call and the price was really low! My new car was delivered to my house in Missouri in less than 9 days after I called. Great customer service and great pricing. 


Name:  Jason T.

Date:   05/24/2015

Subject:   Best prices around

Comments:  Car Shipping Companies really helped me save a lot of money when I had to ship my truck from Fort Hood to Savannah, Ga. They offered a low price and guaranteed that my truck would be delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up. It took a total of 2 weeks and when it was delivered, it looked great! When I have to ship to a new state again, this is the company that I will be calling again. Thanks for the great price, the speedy service and the discount!


Name:  Steve Mackie

Date:  06/12/2015

Subject:  A satisfied customer

Comments:  Thanks so much for the years of dedication and top notch auto transport. When my sales business needs to have cars delivered fast, we always call Car Shipping Companies. After more than 7 years of using them to haul our cars, we are completely satisfied with the service every single time.