Car Shipping Companies has been in the auto transport business since 1994 as rigorous brokers serving individual car owners, dealerships, automobile manufacturers and even celebrities and professional sports players. The dedication that we have to our customers can be clearly seen in the meticulous service and care that we show our customers in each automobile shipment. To us, your car is not ‘just another car’ that we can relocate. We treat each car, truck or van as well as all other vehicles as if they belong to us personally.

At Car Shipping Companies we work hard to ensure your car gets to the new location safely and with rates that are cost-effective. When it comes to safety, we are very careful about the trucking companies that we contact so we can ensure safe transport to all of our customers.

We work only with companies that have clean, excellent driving records and are fully insured with cargo, liability and property damage coverage. We offer both open and enclosed transport services and work closely with you to find the most affordable rates to fit your personal needs and budget.


Our Customer Service

Our customers include individuals relocating from coast to coast in the United States, companies that need to relocate new employees, car collectors, vacationing individuals and families, retired and active duty military personnel and many more.

Our customer care agents have been professionally trained to know the ins and outs of the auto transport industry and they have the knowledge to have your car shipped safely in the quickest amount of time possible.

Here at Car Shipping Companies we know how competitive the car shipping industry is and we are constantly checking rates with competitors so we know we are offering the lowest rates in the business.

We know that when you need your car you don’t want to wait long on it. We also know that when a dealership needs to have a car delivered to a customer they don’t want to keep their customer waiting. We work hard and we work fast to guarantee on-time delivery in the fastest time found in the car shipping industry.